Fly over Saturn's rings in this not so accurate but still fun to look at rendering I did in Blender 3D.  Man the tidal forces must be CRAZY!

A render of Saturn I did for fun.  This was in Blender 3D.



Some more fun with Blender 3D

CBS' "TV on DVD"

This is an animation of an art gallery I built for CBS' "TV on DVD" campaign.  It played on loop in Times Square.

Alpha Centauri

Below are a few examples of a fictional planet in thr Alpha Centauri system I designed.  I made the planets is Maya.  The textures were made from satelite images of earth but repositioned and cloned into unrecognizable land mass shapes.  So the planet is familiar, yet still alien.


"A8" to the left, is the newest incarnation of the animation, with the 3D planets rendered in Maya and composited into space in After Effects.  It's quick and dirty, still needs work but not too bad. The only thing that is DONE with these are the sound FX.


I'm pretty happy with "A7" here, but I think the specular on the ocean is too bright, also the atmosphere layer is too pronounced when we're looking directly at the planet.  Like the camera move though.








This is "A2."  It is actualy completely different land masses all together.  This animation was done with just quick stills rendered from Maya and placed into 3D space.  It's very flat but has an intersting look.  I really like the shattered moon there.  That's big in Sci-Fi now, but it's aways depicted wrong.  Unless the moon is vaporised on impact, it'd actually recoalesce in a matter of months and look like a chunky version of it's former self. Interesting.



In this series of renders, I show "A2" and "A7-8", as well as the Ice Moon, Rust Moon, and our shattered moon.  The Ice Moon was made with Io and Europa texture maps, the Rust Moon was made with a picture I took of a steel wall at my office.

Orca's Last Stand

The Orca is a fictional time travelling ship I designed for a Sci-Fi epic I'm writing in my spare time.  HA!  Spare time.  To the right is the animation breakdown, and below are photos of not only the rough model, but also a rough model of the bridge in various stages.  Just a passion project of mine.



Animation Breakdown

The stages, from Maya to After Effects.



Above is a gallery of some of my modelling work on a spaceship interior and exterior.  This is just a little of what I've been up to in the world of 3D.

Elite Action Figure

For my Maya class, we were tasked with modeling an action figure that we owned.  I modeled this Elite action figure from the video game HALO.


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