The Proposed

Here is the trailer for our NEW short "The Proposed."  It's a quick, light comedy, with some awesome actors at a beautiful location!  Fun little project.  It's about a man, all he wanted to do was propose... but fate had other plans...


100 Grand

I want a hundred grand!  This is a spot my freinds and I made for a contest.  It features a parody of the Beatles' "I want to hold your hand."  Very fun, one of my favorite things I've done.


Dead Man's Chest

This was my award winning submission to the 2007 Student Key Art Awards!  Sorry for the low quality, in 2007 HD was a new thing...


Aside from editing this, I remixed most of the sound from scratch, the only sound from the movie that remains is the diologue, everything else I did.  This trailer was the first thing I edited after moving to LA.


P.I. Philipp

Short film I wrote and shot, and edited.  I shot this in 3 hours on black and white film using an Arri SR3.  It was a blast!  The scratches you see are real due to an accident, ask me sometime!



Broadcast TV Spots

English Live

This is a spot we did for a learning company that helps people learn English.  Right now it's primarily playing in Venezuala, but we hope it will expand!  


Incase you don't speak latin:




Perillo Tours "Piazza"

Let Steve Perillo take you on a once in a lifetime tour of Italy!  I edited this spot, shot at a villa in Pasadena, and combined with stock footage from Italy.   I really like it!  ALSO fun fact: the shot of coin tossing at the Trevi Fountian is on greenscreen, but also I added in the coins digitally.  Turned out pretty good.



Perillo "Courtyard"

Steve Perillo around a table with actual vacationers that have been on his tours.  Just a nice little testimonial driven spot.




"Before and After"  part of the 2016 campaign for 1800NoCuffs. 



Caregivers Direct

Here is a spot I edited for an in home caregiver search engine.  Essentialy like a dating site, but for people looking for caregivers.


Tax Defense Group

Spot I edited featuring the talents of Bob Eubanks!



Rosland Capital Gold

This is the "Rainy Day" Spot I edited for Rosland Capital.  It was hard getting rain durring the summer in SoCal, but here we are..



This is a spot I cut for Darren Kavinoky.  It's a Direct Response TV ad for a local Criminal Defense Law Firm.  Nobody looks good in hand cuffs, unless you're into that sort of thing...


Discover My College

A spot for a online college resource portal.  This is the music video version.  We shot this at the office on green screen.  I did the edit, the compositing, and all the drawings / VFX / animation.



"Fusion Boot"


This is a spot I mostly just tweaked, and did a little motion graphics.  I like the energy of it though!



Streamate is an adult online cam girl site. They approached us about getting some 'G' rated spots on the air.  I edited and did all the post VFX, and consulted on the practical FX.  This is a fun one and usually gets a laugh.


Education Connection

Yes, the same Education Connection from those annoying music videos I had nothing to do with...  This one stars Shannen Doherty.  I helped come up with the speed up / slow down concept for this.  I also edited and handled the VFX.


Rosland Capital Gold

This is a spot that aired in London for Rosland.



This is our "Big City" spot we did.  I edited and did all the VFX and compositing. Once again I consulted on the practical FX.



Learning House

This is a local education resource portal.  We shot in someone's back yard and I did all the compositing, animation and editing.



Discover My College

This is my first Discoer my College spot.  Beleive it or not, all the locations are in or aroind my office.  The server room is a set extension I did, there are really only 2 server racks there, and everything else is set dec.




The first 1-800-NoCuffs spot I did.  Not much in the way of VFX here.  Thats not a real jail cell.



Degree Solutions

This was a fun spot to help motivate parents to get off their butts and go back to school.  What would your child say at 'bring your parent to school' day?


Rosland Capital

This is the first, and I think ONLY, spot we did with Willaim Devane that had a co-star.  It's hard to say 'no' to that face!




"Undercover" at Marinello in Burbank.  Marinello was a school of beauty, but aparently not even my ads could save them.


Speed Dating

So here is a spot I edited for a political campagin.  This was for Howard Berman, and stars the ever so amaxing Betty White!



This was for a prepaid visa card.  I not only edited this, but also did the graphics, compositing and even shot the background plates using a GoPro strapped to a broom pole sticking out the sunroof of the boss's car...



Rosland Capital

Devane in da plane.  Obviously we didn't let him actually fly the plane, thats a composite of mine.



A Place for Mom

This is probably the longest running spot I've done.  I edited it in 2011 and elements of it are STILL on the air, as of 2016.  Joan is a real pro, and this is actually a pretty good service.


Super Beta Prostate


Here is a spot I edited starring Joe Theismann for Super Beta Prostate.  Although we shot at an actual football field, the stands were empty.  I composited the fans in, as well as a few other VFX tweaks here and there.


Rosland Capital

This is the "Debt Clock" spot.  It shows the US National Debt, and every so often we update the spot to reflect the current situation.  When this spot first aired, it was $15 Trillion.


The the clock in real life is real, you can find them in cities all over, this one is all me.




This one stars Bruce Boxleitner of Tron and Babylon 5 fame!  I not only edited this one, but also did the composting and VFX in the opening.  Lots of fun!  I have somewhat of a breakdown of the FX in my reel.



Medical Guardian

This is a spot about a fall detection device / service for seniors.  It stars Florence Henderson!


Get a Dog

Another Howard Berman spot starring Betty White!


Rosland Capital

William Devane on a motorcycle.  The ocaen in one of the shot's isnt actually there, I added it later.



Rosland Capital

Here is the first spot I did for Rosland, and the first spot with Willaim Devane.



Ageless Male

Here is a spot I edited, and did VFX, for Ageless Male.  It's a testosterone booster, starring none other than Walt 'Clyde' Frasier.  He's got some crazy suits!



Rosland Capital

What's in your safe?



Death to Cupid

This is the trailer for a film I co-produced and did all the post production work for, "Death to Cupid."  It's a short film and we've recieved 5 awards and been shown in 20 festivals around the world!


Junior Jedi

My freinds and I shot this for my freinds' kids.  It was their idea I just helped!  All I did was the editing, and most of the VFX... this does not make me a nerd, no matter what my girlfriend says...



Dead Man's Chest

I know this was already in my "Favorites" catagory, but it's also a trailer so there.


Web Banners

Season of the Witch

Web banner I edited and did the title graphics for.

Shark Night 3D Web Banner

The success of "Piranha 3D" , which I worked on, brought us even more water monster films!  Here is a web banner I did for "Shark Night 3D!"



Love Happens

Web banner ad I did for "Love Happens" being showcased on Universal Pictures' home page!


The Warrior's Way

I edited and did the motion graphics on this web ad.


Beyond Borders

The Debate over Human Migration.


I was assistant editor on the documentary about immigration, and humanities right to migrate.  Although the trailer focuses mostly on the US / Mexico border, the feature film is a lot more broad and tackles the world wide implication of immigration.  Available on Amazon, check it out!


Technical Videos / Corporate

PARSONS Disaster Preparedness

This is a video I shot and edited for PARSONS.  The video department for the company made corporate videos as well as safety videos.



Assembly Exploded Animation

This is just a piece of a video we did at PARSONS about an automated ordinance cleaning and disposal machine PARSONS was contracted to build.  I took the fesign file and separated out the layers and made this nice little animation.




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